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Are you one of the enthusiasts driving the energy transition by utilizing fuel cells? Let’s speed up the hydrogen conversion!

Register and get immediate access to hear some key insights on the future of fuel cells! In this 40-minute on-demand webinar Vaisala's Senior Strategy and Business Development Manager Anu Pulkkinen will go through topics related to the fuel cell market and the factors affecting the development of fuel cells.


  • Overview of fuel cells, global market trends and insights – key drivers and potential challenges
  • Basic principles and types of fuel cells
  • Fuel cells and applications now and in the future
  • The role of fuel cells in the transition to a low-carbon economy – impact and role of fuel cells in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Anu introduces Fuel cell humidity lab 2024 webinar series held by Vaisala's Product Manager Juhani Lehto
  • Questions and answers about fuel cells

Fuel cell pioneers, newcomers, thinkers and doers – let’s energize the future together

The webinar brings together experts active in the fuel cell industry. Whether in business or in R&D, or just generally interested in fuel cells, this is a great opportunity to raise questions, learn, and connect.

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Anu Pulkkinen from Vaisala

Anu Pulkkinen

Senior Strategy and Business Development Manager Anu Pulkkinen leads Vaisala's hydrogen economy related strategic growth initiatives. With 15+ years of experience from new business development and commercialization related to clean tech, green transition within industrial and energy sectors, she holds a M.Sc. in Information Networks from University of Oulu, Electrical and Computer engineering.