Fast and efficient viral vaccines purification by sucrose density gradient

Fast and efficient viral vaccines purification by sucrose density gradient
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In this 30-minute webinar, Vaisala's Liquid Measurements pharmaceutical experts Juha Paldanius, sales manager, and Marcus Kavaljer, product manager, will explain the benefits of the refractive index technology and how it helps downstream processes during purification of viral vaccines manufacturing.

Viral vaccine manufacturers may use different technologies for virus production, however, whether produced on eggs or cell cultures they all require appropriate purification strategies for safe and efficient vaccine production and to maximize productivity. 

Sucrose gradient ultracentrifugation is a commonly applied technology for purification. Vaisala K-PATENTS® Pharma Refractometer PR-43-P provides proven methods for separating and collecting the virus-rich fraction at the outlet of the centrifuge. Consequently, viruses such as Influenza, Hepatitis B and Rabies can be isolated reliably and cost efficiently.   

Additionally, the purification process should be robust, scalable and cost-effective as downstream operations account for a major portion of production costs. Efficient in-line measurement devices, such as Vaisala K-PATENTS Pharma Refractometer PR-43-P, can help to maximize productivity and bring down production costs. 

Webinar structure:

  • Viral purification by sucrose density gradient
  • Refractive index and refractometers in purification operation
  • Q&A

Webinar presentations takes about 30 minutes and we have reserved 10 minutes for questions. 

This webinar is of interest to all viral vaccine manufacturers. 


Application note: 

Download the application note for vaccines production here. 


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