Don't Wait to Calibrate: The importance of high-quality calibration

Spot-checking fixed transmitter measurements with Indigo80 handheld meter
Industrial Measurements

Join our experts on this informative webinar as we discuss the fundamentals of calibration and why regular calibration is essential to ensure the best measurement accuracy for optimal outcomes.


In today’s knowledge driven world, we want to understand and control things based on real data. Performing measurements with quality measurement equipment is one part of the equation. Making sure that the data produced by the measurement equipment is reliable and accurate is equally as important and crucial to your business. That’s where calibration comes in. 

Regular calibration of all measurement instruments is essential to ensure the best measurement accuracy and assurance that your instrument meets its original specifications – especially for demanding applications. Incorrect readings may lead to costly and erroneous decisions or even life-threatening circumstances in the most critical applications. 

What you will learn in this 30-minute webinar:

  • The fundamentals of calibration and its importance 
  • Calibration best practices  
  • Proper planning and calibration selection 
  • Overview of Vaisala’s comprehensive calibration services and calibration lab
  • How to calibrate (demonstration) 

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Joe Ratacik


Joe Ratacik 
Product Manager, Global Field Services

Joe Ratacik recently celebrated his ten-year anniversary with Vaisala. Over the years he’s been able to gain extensive experience in various roles in both Sales and Services in the Boston office. Joe started as a Service Technician and moved to a Product Modernization Specialist in Tech Support, as well as a Service Coordinator for Vaisala’s Industrial Measurements and Weather groups. Today he brings his experience in Services to the Sales organization focusing on growing Vaisala’s services. He holds a Bachelor of Business degree from Plymouth State University.

Calibration Blog

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Calibration Services by Vaisala Help Keep Your Vaisala Instruments as Accurate as New

When it comes to measurement accuracy, even the most stable measurement instruments need regular calibration. Vaisala has world-class calibration and service facilities that provide the highest quality, accredited and non-accredited calibrations, giving updated measurement accuracy on a yearly basis. We can help keep your Vaisala instruments as good as new by regular service center calibration.