Diving Deep into Advanced Humidity Measurement and Specifications

Diving Deep into Advanced Humidity Measurement and Specifications
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Listen to an on-demand humidity webinar to learn about humidity measurement technologies, accuracy and specifications as well as calibration and traceability. After the webinar you will also understand the effect of measurement accuracy on your business results.

The webinar "Diving Deep into Advanced Humidity Measurement and Specifications" is available on-demand. Find also the Q&A based on the the live session.

The webinar is targeted for industrial engineers, technicians, plant managers, development managers, instrumentation designers and everyone who should understand advanced humidity measurement in industrial processes and how continuous accuracy improves long-term efficiency.


  • Humidity measurement technologies
  • Understanding accuracy
  • Calibration and traceability
  • The effect of measurement accuracy on business results

Some of the specific questions that are answered during the webinar:

  • What principles are used in humidity measurement?
  • How to measure water in oil or water activity?
  • How is the accuracy of the instrument characterized?
  • How do accurate instruments contribute to savings?
  • What kind of accuracy do I need?
  • What factors do I need to consider when evaluating accuracy?
  • What is measurement uncertainty?
  • What is traceability chain and why is it important?

Comments from the live session attendees

  • "Excellent presentation. Thanks a lot!"
  • "...informative and to the point."
  • "...provided a general understanding of how humidity is measured and will be useful for departments that need to understand the process to better make decisions."

Read more about the speaker Jarkko Ruonala below.

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Webinar Speaker

Jarkko Ruonala

Jarkko Ruonala

Jarkko Ruonala
Product Manager

Jarkko Ruonala is a Product Manager for Vaisala Industrial Measurements. He has a background in automation, instrumentation and process analyzers. He has a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from the University of Oulu, Finland.

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