The cornerstones of successful upper air observations

Vaisala Autosonde AS41 in Porkkala island, Finland
Weather & Environment

Continuous availability of high-quality upper-air observation data is critical to both numerical weather prediction and human forecasting activities. To meet this need, the national meteorological institutes need to operate a vast network of upper air sounding stations efficiently and reliably.

Please join us or a 30-minute webinar to learn
•    About the importance of high-quality data and reliable automation in the modern upper-air observation process
•    Why soundings provide the backbone for accurate forecasting
•    What to take into account when building up automated soundings operations

Who should attend:

Everybody who wants to learn more about operating a successful upper-air observation process.

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Aki Lilja, Vaisala´s Director, Soundings

Aki Lilja

Director, Soundings, Vaisala Oyj