Beyond humidity: Ensuring comfort and energy efficiency with accurate moisture measurements

Buildings and Indoor Air Quality
Industrial Measurements


In HVAC applications, such as cooling and air-conditioning of critical infrastructures, demand-controlled ventilation systems, and indoor air quality monitoring, there are various parameters that can be used in designing controls to ensure a balance between comfort and energy efficiency. When measuring these parameters, reliability and accuracy of the measurements are paramount to aid in optimal outcomes.

In this 60-minute webinar you will learn about common humidity parameters in HVAC controls, and the distinct benefits and challenges of each.

  • The right humidity parameters (relative humidity, dewpoint temperature, wet-bulb temperature, and enthalpy) to measure for improved mechanical system performance
  • What humidity parameters are most useful to ensure ideal comfort levels, strict HVAC controls, and improved energy efficiency/cost savings
  • Limitations and considerations when measuring each moisture parameter to ensure the best possible outcomes

This webinar is essential if you work with HVAC systems as a controls engineer, BMS designer, building automation specialist, energy efficiency professional, and others interested in improving building automation.

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Jodi Armstrong



Jodi Armstrong is an Application Sales Engineer at Vaisala with over six years of industry experience. She has been educating customers on Vaisala’s sensor technologies and providing solutions to complex problems in the building automation, life science, and automotive industries for over three years. Prior to joining Vaisala, Jodi worked in rheology at AMETEK Brookfield and spray technology and powder processing at Fluid Air, a division of Spraying Systems, Inc. She holds a degree in chemical engineering from the University of Rochester.