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Hans Loewenheath stands in front of a map showing lightning activity around Dallas Fort Worth airport
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Next-level situational awareness with Thunderstorm Manager v1.5

When there is lightning nearby, a fast and accurate assessment of risks is vital for protecting personnel, property, and equipment during operations and exercises.

Thunderstorm Manager — part of the Vaisala Xweather family of environmental data services — offers a reliable, comprehensive, and streamlined way to protect personnel, support critical operations, and manage risks from lightning, tropical cyclones, and severe storms.

Watch this free 45-minute webinar to learn:

  • How new features in Thunderstorm Manager v1.5 improve your situational awareness of lightning and severe storms.
  • How to maximize safety and minimize downtime during operations with location-specific alerts and all-clear notifications.
  • Why Vaisala is the primary source of lightning data for the U.S. Armed Forces, National Weather Service, Federal Aviation Administration, and many international commercial organizations.

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Hans Loewenheath

Meet the expert

Hans Loewenheath

Vaisala Xweather product manager

Hans joined Vaisala in 2020 to focus on lightning solutions. He is passionate about discovering customer value and helping organizations improve their safety and efficiency. Prior to joining Vaisala, he worked for seven years in sales, product management, and product marketing for industrial instrumentation and automation solutions.