Ask our expert anything about Vaisala’s process refractometers

Worker visual inspection inside control room valve and pipeline
Liquid Measurements
  • What is the maximum process pressure for Vaisala’s process refractometers? 
  • Can I measure hot sulphuric acid? 
  • What is the maximum condensate consumption with our recommended wash times in green liquor application?
  • Can I measure 50 & 90% methanol? 
  • How can I fit the refractometer into a very small or very large pipeline? 



These are some of the questions we have received previously, and will also answer in this 30-minute webinar, where you can ask anything about Vaisala’s process refractometers. Our expert Jarkko Ruonala answers. 

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Vaisala Polaris™ process refractometers

Ignite the full potential of your process control with the pioneering optical inline process refractometer Vaisala Polaris.

The robust instruments optimize manufacturing processes, enhance productivity, and save resources, energy, and time in various industries and hundreds of applications. 

Webinar speaker Jarkko Ruonala

Jarkko Ruonala

Jarkko Ruonala

Jarkko Ruonala
Product Manager

Jarkko Ruonala is a Product Manager for Vaisala Industrial Measurements. He has a background in automation, instrumentation and process analyzers. He has a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from the University of Oulu, Finland.

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