GMP & Engineering Forum 2019

GMP & Engineering Forum 2019
Pullman on the Park
Melbourne, Australia
Industrial Measurements
Life Science

We are attending Australian Life Science Manufacturing Industry by Design – the National Life Science Forum – 9th Annual GMP Forum.


Product Manager Anniina UotilaTaking the Positive Approach: How do I as an Engineer Benefit from the GMP System?
Anniina Uotila, Product Manager at Vaisala will give a presentation at GMP Forum 2019 Jul 23 12:00PM.
How do I as an engineer benefit from the GMP system? Working in the highly demanding industry areas, the most simple task can require thrice the work just for the sake of documenting it. From time to time it may feel frustrating to fulfill all the standards and regulations related to the industry. What is the benefit for me?

Vaisala will present the NEW HMP9! This probe complements the Indigo product family and is ideal for applications such as inlet monitoring in dryers, air handling units, data centers, test chambers, and other humidity measurement applications with temperatures under 120 °C (248 °F) that don’t involve high pressure.

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