foodpro 2023

Foodpro 2023
Liquid Measurements

foodpro is Australia's largest, and longest running, trade event dedicated to food production, manufacturing and distribution. Industry leaders gather, make big business deals, network and explore explore the latest products and solutions to create an efficient future for manufacturing.

Vaisala's distributor ADM will be there to showcase our solutions for in-line liquid concentration measurement. Stop by booth # P52 to learn more!

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The food and beverage industry is required to adhere to strict guidelines and regulations to preserve food quality and prevent contamination that places the health and safety of consumers at risk. Because food safety compliance is so critical, even the smallest issue can impact food safety and result in unexpected downtime. Instrumentation for food processing equipment is used to prevent these issues by monitoring processes and providing quality management for the entire production process from product preparation to filling, packaging and storage.

The whole production and operations, from raw material control to final product quality assessment and storage, can be monitored and controlled.

Maintaining ideal conditions in food & beverage manufacturing processes, facilities and storage is complicated, if not impossible, without the proper tools. Download eBook and read how Vaisala can help.

Some of the challenges we've recognized and have solutions for:

  • The optimal product moisture level is not taken into account so energy and money is wasted
  • Unstable manufacturing process conditions decrease yields
  • End-products are too moist causing unwanted microbial growth
  • Lack of air quality decreases the comfort level and living conditions of plants, animals or humans
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Liquid concentration measurement

Vaisala offers a wide range of products tailored to liquid measuring needs of different industries. Learn more about the refractometer technology and its applications, and visit the library of product related assets.

The power of in-line Brix- eBook

The power of inline Brix

The eBook provides insights into such critical tasks of food and beverage production as food safety, cost savings, sustainability and resource efficiency and while maintaining the highest product quality. These and other important tasks can be achieved by measuring Brix inline. Discover more by downloading the eBook.