Engineering, Technology & Innovation EEA 2021

Power transformer electrical substation
TSB/Shed 6, Wellington
New Zealand
Power Generation and Transmission

EEA's 2021 conference - Engineering, Technology and Innovation - In a Low Carbon Environment is bringing together thought leaders from across the energy industry to showcase future thinking on these highly relevant topics. 
Vaisala is at fair represented by Pringle Beleski and Associates – PBA.  Come and learn learn more about DGA monitoring at PBA booth.  

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Benefits of Vaisala’s DGA Monitoring Technology


High gas extraction rate, novel vacuum IR reference method and patented autocalibration leads to more reliable results and excellent long-term stability.

Long Lifetime

Maintenance free operation through robust design and hermetic metal structure of the oil and gas handling system. 

No moving parts in the optical IR measurement module.

No consumables and no gas cylinders.

Out of the Box Performance

Online DGA monitoring provides real time view of the transformers condition.

Enabling corrective actions taken on time.

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Maintenance free monitoring with the Vaisala Optimus™ OPT100 DGA


Vaisala offers a range of specialized online measurement equipment for the power industry. The reliable online measurement of dissolved gases and moisture in transformer oil, dew point, humidity, density, temperature, and pressure helps to ensure that high-voltage assets can operate at maximum efficiency while supporting the planning of predictive maintenance designed to extend asset lifetime and minimize unexpected outages.

At Vaisala we pride ourselves on staying connected with our customers throughout the lifecycle of their instrument and application. Many of our customers share their experiences with us.

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Vaisala Humicap sensor structure

What Makes Our Moisture in Oil Sensors Unique?

Vaisala uses Humicap sensor technology for measuring moisture in oil. The Humicap sensors are the first ever sensors that can measure moisture in oil online. The sensor materials are specifically developed to measure even very low moisture levels in oils, whether mineral, vegetable or synthetic. The Vaisala Humicap is manufactured in Vaisala clean rooms and is a thin film sensor consisting of a substrate on which a thin polymer is deposited between two conductive electrodes.

Benefits of Vaisala’s Moisture Measurement

Quality and Reliability

  • Provides accurate water saturation and PPM measurements in rapidly changing conditions across the spectrum of moisture.
  • All equipment comes with NIST or Accredited calibration and is field calibratable.
  • Moisture transmitters have no moving parts.

Long-Term Stability

  • Thin film polymer sensor designs protect from contamination and are highly selective to water molecules.
  • Capacitive technology provides long term stable measurement.
  • Insensitive to additives or contaminants in oil. Auto-recovery from full saturation...

Rapid Response

  • In situ measurement provides real time measurement of moisture in oil as true relative saturation (%RS).
  • Eliminates need for sampling and lab analysis for moisture.
  • Easy installation, via ball valve. Can be installed on energized transformers.

Related Products for Moisture in Oil

Moisture and temperature transmitter MMT330

The MMT330 series enables fast and reliable detection of moisture in oil in central lubrication systems, hydraulic systems and power transformers. Three probe options offer solutions for various installation requirements, like high pressure, tight spaces...

Moisture and Temperature Transmitter for Oil MMT162

Excellent economical solution for reliable on-line detection of moisture in oil even in the most demanding applications. The sensor’s excellent chemical tolerance provides accurate and reliable measurement over the measurement range.

MMT310 Series Moisture and Temperature Transmitters for Oil

Moisture and Temperature Meter Series MMT310

Vaisala HUMICAP® Moisture and Temperature Transmitter Series MMT310 is a fast and reliable on-line detector for moisture in oil. Used in for applications such as e.g. monitoring of transformer oil and of lubrication systems in marine and paper industry.