Biogas Americas 2024

Biogas Americas 2024
United States
Biogas Production

We look forward to seeing you in Savannah, GA! 

Join the voices of the US biogas industry at the American Biogas Council's annual event, BIOGAS AMERICAS. This is a 'must-attend' event for anyone looking to get ahead in the biogas business. Not only is this the primary place to meet like-minded professionals, but it's also a great opportunity to discover Vaisala's MGP260 series of instruments. Stop by booth #116 and discover how to simplify anaerobic digester monitoring with accurate NDIR measurement technology.

Can't make the show? Watch the videos below, reach out to Justin Walsh, and get the conversation started!


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MGP 260 Series

Discover the first Ex-certified instruments for measuring methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2), and humidity (H2O) directly inside biogas processes. Providing stable, real-time continuous data, the MGP261 and MGP262 probes monitor without complex sampling systems. They require less maintenance and calibration, lowering costs and service times for engineers and plant operators.

Don't let your profits slip

Biomethane paves the way to a greener future and the shift to renewable energy has been embraced by major economies. But inefficient production can turn a green enterprise on its head. While some methane always escapes, the MGP262 is your one-stop tool to minimizing costly and harmful methane slip. The MGP262 gives you the ability to control your process and to focus on producing the best biomethane possible. Are you ready to get the green gains, and all the gains?