Airspace World 2024

Visit us at Airspace World 2024
Weather & Environment

Visit us at Airspace World 2024 in Geneva, Switzerland March 19-21, 2024, Booth P35

We are very excited to be part of Airspace World 2024 in Geneva, Switzerland. Please stop by the Vaisala booth (number P35) where we’ll be looking forward to seeing you.

Get ready for some great conversations centering on the newest advances in aviation weather solutions. We will be showcasing the best technology to support safe and smooth airport operations, including wind lidars, weather radars, airport weather observing systems, as well as our solutions for Advanced Air Mobility and more.

Join us for an exclusive technology showcase!
We will be featuring our solutions for complete aviation weather awareness, including AWOS, Runway Visual Range and our offering for Approach Area Weather.

Choose the session that works for you:
March 19, 3.00 pm - 4.00 pm
March 20, 3.00 pm - 4.00 pm
BONUS: Enjoy free chocolate and coffee on us!

Want to hear more? Catch our experts in action:

Wednesday, 20 March
Title: Ultra-local weather for Vertiports - the key to safe operations and business growth
Speaker: Fernando Trolia Slamic
Wing Theatre
Time: 2:30pm-2:55pm
Wednesday, 20 March
Title: Tools for improved short range aviation weather forecasting and severe weather nowcasting
Speaker: Aleksis Kajava
Theatre: Boeing Theatre
Time: 10:00am-10:25am

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