Climate change

Hurricane from a beach

Climate change increases extreme weather, for example, and creates a chain of societal, environmental, and economic effects. The importance of reliable observations and forecasts to protecting lives and infrastructure is constantly increasing due to the impacts brought on by climate change. Mitigating climate change calls for more actions from the industry to optimize processes and decrease emissions.

Vaisala’s response to climate change

Vaisala helps customers to establish weather observation networks and build up capabilities to improve their capacity to predict extreme weather. We help nations to observe climate change and become more resilient to its impacts with first-rate environmental observations, forecasting, and early warning systems. We support the scientific community in increasing knowledge of climate change.

Vaisala’s instruments can also be used to measure carbon sequestration of natural carbon sinks. Vaisala’s measurement instruments offer industrial customers better visibility into their processes. Precise and reliable measurement data enables them to make choices that enhance production process efficiency as well as decrease emissions and thus also the carbon footprint of end-products.