Climate Change

Climate Change

Vaisala helps its customers to establish weather observation networks and build up capabilities that improve their capacity to assess, predict, and prepare for extreme weather. In addition, we support the scientific community in its efforts to increase knowledge of our changing climate and its impacts, by enabling the most accurate observations of the world.

Our aim is to help nations to better understand their vulnerabilities and risks as well as become more resilient to climate change through state-of-the-art environmental observations and forecasting.

Climate Change Related Stories

Extremely detailed and realistic high resolution 3D illustration of a hurricane approaching the eastern Carribbean islands. Shot from space. Elements of this image are furnished by Nasa.

Hurricane Impact Mitigation Requires Accurate Data

The Atlantic hurricane season of 2017 was very active, including a high number of major storms. The better hurricanes can be forecast, the easier it is to mitigate their impact. Vaisala’s Global Lightning Dataset GLD360 may provide an effective tool for...

Storm heading towards a beach in Bahamas

Making the Bahamas Stormproof

With a modern weather forecasting network, covering the whole expanse of the country, The Bahamas will be able to keep its citizens and numerous visitors safe from the ravages of extreme weather.

The Pärnu River Basin Pilot Project

The Pärnu River Basin Pilot Project

In spring 2010, Vaisala released a pilot version of a coupled meteorological-hydrological forecasting system as part of a co-operation project with the Estonian Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (EMHI).