Software Development in Vaisala

Building software that makes a difference.

Software developers in Vaisala

Vaisala is a high-tech company, but not many people know how big a role software plays in our high-quality instruments and systems. Our measurement technologies help decisions-makers all over the world to make informed decisions and consequently touch the everyday lives of millions of people. We help tackle some of the most critical challenges of our time, and many of our products get deployed all around the globe! At Vaisala, you can build software that is part of the solution.

Software has an increasing impact on how the measurements provided by our instruments and systems are gathered, delivered, processed and read. Our software teams cooperate with R&D, hardware design, project management, system testing, as well as UX design throughout the whole product development process from concepts to design and software. In Vaisala, you can work with future technologies as well as with smart and inspiring colleagues from all around our global company. Our experts all work together for the common goal with great and supportive team spirit and a curious mindset. 

Software Development in Weather and Environment Business Area

Weather and air quality affect the lives of billions of people in cities, city networks and rural areas across the planet. We build new state-of-the-art measurement devices, weather radars, and weather stations as well as discover new ways to improve people’s lives. The software running the devices needs to be on par with the excellence of the hardware

Software has a big and increasing role in modern weather systems offering. Our agile software development teams develop and maintain decision support applications as well as software for weather and environment applications, used in airports, road, maritime, hydro-meteorological, air quality, and renewable energy, for example. The software suite contains embedded firmware, web-based solutions and application software. Artificial intelligence and computer vision are also an area where we have covered ground during the past years.

Software Development in Industrial Measurements Business Area

Our Industrial Measurements business unit is developing and selling world’s leading measurement instruments to thousands of customers in life science, power transmission and many other industrial application markets ranging from automotive to the food industries. Top-notch software is what enables our customers in these industries to read the crucial measurement data and make critical decisions in hospitals and electrical utilities, for example.

We are also extending our instruments with IoT connectivity and creating cloud services to help our customers in their measurement needs.