Care to Calibrate Your High-Quality HMT330?

Three Calibration Options for Vaisala HUMICAP® HMT330 Transmitter

While Vaisala’s HMT330 Humidity and Temperature Series probes are renowned for their accuracy and stability, they still need to be calibrated regularly as measurement instruments in general. Scroll down for three different options with instruction videos. We do recommend yearly calibration at one of our service centers, as this will give you the best possible results, for your HMT330 series probes.


One-Point In-Situ Calibration – The Fast, Easy Option

One-point in-situ calibration uses a working standard to calibrate a fixed field instrument without having to take it out of service – for example, when a technician uses a hand-held device to check a wall-mounted transmitter. The main advantage of this method is that it is both fast and easy. Read more in Product Manager Sanna Lehtinen's blog post.

Saturated Salt Calibration with the Vaisala HMK15 – Another Easy Option

Saturated salt solutions have a long tradition in relative humidity calibration because they make it relatively simple to create a set of fixed relative humidity points. The use of saturated salt solutions is also covered by several standards including ASTM E104-02 and JIS Z8806:2001.
A saturated salt calibrator always contains three different phases.

Critical Measurements Need the Most Accurate Calibration

Make sure your critical measurements don’t let you down. When you’re using instruments for critical measurements, accuracy is everything. Put simply, inaccurate measurements can cost you money in the form of decreased product yield or a losses resulting from quality issues. High-quality calibration is the solution to ensuring accurate measurements – but how should you take care of this in practice?

Boston service center calibration

Premium & Calibration Care Agreements

Let us care for your instruments! ​Even the highest performing measurement instruments require regular calibration and maintenance to ensure they continue providing the most accurate data possible.​

Accredited Calibration

Calibration services accredited by the world’s leading accreditation authorities. ISO/IEC 17025 is the international standard.

Vaisala HUMICAP® HM70 Handheld humidity meter is designed for demanding humidity measurement in spot-checking applications.

HM70 Hand-Held Humidity and Temperature Meter

Vaisala HUMICAP HM70 Hand-Held is designed for demanding humidity measurement in spot-checking applications. It is also ideal for field checking and calibration of Vaisala's fixed humidity instruments.

HMK15 Humidity Calibrator

HMK15 Humidity Calibrator

Vaisala Humidity Calibrator HMK15 makes calibration and spot checking of humidity probes and transmitters easy and reliable, although for critical applications we recommend a Vaisala Service Center calibration for best possible results.