The Weather Augmented Wind Farm

he weather-augmented farm: Superpower your wind turbines & wind farms
Matthieu Boquet
Matthieu Boquet
Head of Wind Operations, Vaisala
Weather & Environment
Wind and Solar Energy 

As the number of wind farms rises, so does their sophistication and wind farm operators are always looking for ways to do things better. At the same time, wind farms are in many ways reliant on weather, and there are different types of challenges posed by both weather and environmental conditions. From turbulent winds to lightning strikes, these obstacles can disrupt operations and erode profitability, and even just the unpredictability of weather can cause issues at times. Each of these hurdles have their own repercussions, leading to production losses, extra costs, safety issues, penalties and revenue losses.

On the other hand, these conditions provide an opportunity for innovation, optimization and further sophistication. In order to grasp this opportunity, reliable and up-to-date weather intelligence is essential. This actionable information can help to improve wind farm performance, manage costs , enhance safety and increase energy production. Weather data can also unlock numerous other benefits, such as protecting turbines against fatigue and extreme loads, optimizing turbine curtailments, as well as assessing present wind and weather to analyze and adjust performance. In addition, weather data and insights can help to protect people and diagnose asset damage risk with lightning forecasting and strike damage potential. Energy forecasting accuracy can also be improved with the right data.

Vaisala's innovative instruments and intelligence empower wind energy operators to not only weather the storm but also thrive despite uncertainty. By harnessing the power of data and technology, wind farms can navigate the complexities of adverse weather conditions while advancing towards a more sustainable future.

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he weather-augmented farm: Superpower your wind turbines & wind farms

Superpower your wind turbines & wind farms

Wind farm profit & loss is highly influenced by wind and weather, but you can quickly optimize your assets by knowing the present and upcoming conditions.

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