Humidity sensors – do you know what's inside?

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If you don't know, perhaps you should. If you don't know how your humidity sensor works, how can you know that you are using the right humidity instrument? The right instrument for your application, the right instrument for your industry, the right instrument for compliance, or the right instrument for your product?

The best place to start when you are trying to figure out if the humidity sensor you are using is the right sensor for your application, is to ask your sensor manufacturer: "What type of technology does this sensor use?"

The second best is to familiarize yourself with the technology so you can understand how humidity measurement works...


To help, we offer 1-hour webinars on humidity:

  • a brief history of humidity sensors
  • the effect of contamination and condensation on sensors
  • the differences in sensing film - capacitive & resistive
  • links to humidity tools and references (conversion formulas, online/offline calculator)

Topics covered:

Mechanical Aspects

  • Displacement sensor
  • Sling psychrometer

Electrical properties of thin film sensors

  • Bulk polymer resistive sensor
  • Capacitive sensor

Dew point/Frost point Temperature Sensor

  • Aluminum oxide dewpoint sensor
  • Chilled mirror

Plus... What else do you have to consider when choosing a sensor?


Calibration of humidity instruments

Attend this webinar to learn why is calibration so important? When do I calibrate?




Janice Bennett-Livingston

Marketing Manager

In addition to editing the Vaisala Life Science blog, Janice Bennett-Livingston is the Global Life Science Marketing Manager for Vaisala's Industrial Measurements business area.

Pre-Vaisala writing credits include a monthly column called "Research Watch" for Canada's award-winning magazine alive, as well as articles in Canadian Living and other periodicals. Other past work: copywriting for DDB Canada, technical writing at Business Objects, and communications specialist for the British Columbia Child & Family Research Institute.

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