Year-round road maintenance innovation in Rijkswaterstaat

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Maria Tuuli
Maria Tuuli
Head of Marketing for Meteorology, Roads and APAC
Weather & Environment

To ensure safe roads during winter, there are excellent weather solutions available to help improve road winter maintenance management and operations. These road weather solutions, such as the Vaisala RWS200 road weather stations, can also be used to optimize road traffic year-round. This way, an investment in road weather solutions can be an investment in not just better winter maintenance, but also improved and safer traffic flow, more comfortable travel, and even better air quality.

Recently, Vaisala was chosen to overhaul Rijkswaterstaat's road weather network. The purpose of this renewal is to future-proof both winter maintenance and weather-related traffic management. This will be a nationwide system of 360 RWS200 stations that will help to ensure accessible roads now and into the future. This full road weather network will replace the existing road weather system and expand it further. The road weather station delivery is scheduled to take place as a part of an upgrade program over the next few years. A key factor in deciding on Vaisala RWS200 was product quality. In addition to the road weather stations themselves, Vaisala will also deliver operating support, a helpdesk service and trainings for installation and maintenance.

The Vaisala manager in charge of the project, Petteri Leppänen, says "I am really excited about the renewal of the Rijkswaterstaat road weather network. This new network will not only bring improvements to current winter maintenance operations, it also brings with it a multitude of possibilities in improving traffic management and related operations. It is a privilege to work with the innovative team at Rijkswaterstaat."

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