Unleashing the potential of Automatic Weather Stations for solar energy farms

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Lamia Fejjari
Lamia Fejjari
Business Development Manager, Solar, Vaisala
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In the global pursuit of sustainable energy solutions, solar energy farms have garnered substantial traction. The operational efficiency of solar farms is significantly influenced by prevailing weather conditions, and automatic weather stations (AWS) are crucial for maximizing energy output.

Vaisala Automatic Weather Station AWS810 Solar Edition offers up-to-the-minute measurements of solar irradiance, temperature, wind speed, and more. While acknowledging the manifold benefits of meaningful insights on these parameters, the integration of a weather station into a solar farm and the leveraging of its full capabilities present several challenges. In this blog, we delve into the challenges and proffer solutions to unleash the complete potential of AWS for solar farms.

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High data quality and availability

Ensuring high-quality data is a crucial aspect of deploying an AWS. However, one challenge that often arises is the occurrence of data gaps and subpar data quality. To effectively tackle this matter, we must establish a dependable data logger.

Vaisala’s latest generation Data Management Unit DMU801 grants the highest percentage of data availability and features powerful built-in quality control capabilities through state-of-the-art algorithms for data gap filling, data validation and data quality management.

The cutting-edge technology can also facilitate a comparison of collected weather observations with our satellite-derived data service powered by Vaisala Xweather, for the purpose of validation and verification. It becomes straightforward to run statistical analysis techniques to filter out potential outliers or inconsistencies, allowing for prompt detection and rectification of anomalies.

Data availability is important for maintaining accurate and reliable measurements, which requires adequate maintenance schedule. AWS810 Solar Edition features state-of-the-art self-diagnostic functionalities and remote monitoring of sensors. Our technology allows for effortless remote management and control, optimizing operational efficiency and reducing downtime to a minimum.

Flexible design and reliable data transmission

The design is flexible and expandable, allowing for seamless integration of sensors from multiple suppliers while minimizing technological complexities. The AWS810 Solar Edition boasts a future-proof and modular design, providing unmatched flexibility and scalability to tackle this challenge. It integrates Vaisala sensors and third-party equipment, and easily connects with existing and future SCADA systems. Through strategic deployment of additional sensors, the Automatic Weather Station can perfectly adapt to meet specific requirements of any solar project throughout its lifecycle.

Ensuring reliable data transmission and storage is paramount to achieving optimal operations. With robust data transmission protocols that support multiple communication protocols and backup connections, AWS810 Solar Edition ensures uninterrupted and reliable data transmission.

Our top priority is to guarantee effortless and dependable data transmission, mitigating any potential data loss or downtime, particularly in the event of network disruptions. Scalable and secure data storage capabilities effectively manage the vast volumes of data generated by the weather station.

Ease of maintenance

AWS810 Solar Edition provides turnkey options for a smooth plug-and-play integration, and remote diagnostics effectively minimize maintenance time and lifecycle costs. Reliable, accurate and quality-controlled weather observations are ensured with end-to-end network management and unparalleled cybersecurity measures, covering hardware design, user interface and remote software updates.

Built on trusted technology and expertise

Vaisala prioritizes robustness and durability in all our product designs to ensure optimal performance in diverse and challenging weather conditions. AWS810 Solar Edition utilizes top-notch materials to ensure durability and longevity in any weather condition, with minimal maintenance.

For more than 50 years, Vaisala has put more than 20,000 Automatic Weather Stations to the test across various industries and applications, in diverse weather conditions from the arctic to the tropic. This makes the AWS810 Solar Edition the trusted choice for solar professionals.

By harnessing the power of the AWS810 Solar Edition, you can significantly enhance solar energy performance, optimize energy production, improve maintenance planning, and maximize overall efficiency and profitability of your solar project. Trust in Vaisala's unparalleled weather expertise and innovative solutions helps to achieve sustainability goals and propel the solar energy revolution.

Automatic Weather Station AWS810 Solar Edition

Automatic Weather Station AWS810 Solar Edition

The smart, secure and future-proof Vaisala Automatic Weather Station AWS810 Solar Edition combines reliable measurements with data collection, processing and connectivity so you can optimize every stage of your solar power plant for maximum performance.