Denmark is the first to future-proof their weather radar network with RVP10

Digital Receiver and Signal Processor RVP10
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Vaisala recently unveiled our groundbreaking Digital Receiver and Signal Processor RVP10. This next-generation processor provides unmatched intelligence and situational awareness, whether you are implementing a new weather radar or upgrading an existing system to the latest signal processing technology. The high-powered, future-proof platform is designed to scale and grow with advancements in radar systems and technology for years to come — and Denmark is already making it a reality.

DIAL Atmospheric Profiler DA10

Unparalleled meteorological information

RVP10 sets a new meteorological standard by using patented ground clutter filtering methods (GMAP) and a continuous development program to evolve with new signal processing algorithms. This combination provides access to unmatched meteorological intelligence to safeguard communities, infrastructure and economies.

Here are the standout features:

  • The signal processor plays a vital role in capturing, analyzing and delivering time-sensitive weather information to maximize the potential of radar systems. RVP10's robust signal processor will capture, analyze, and deliver time-sensitive weather information for years to come.
  • Versatile and flexible, the RVP10 follows the versatile legacy of the RVP9 signal processor, used in over 50 radar designs worldwide. Upgradability comes as standard, as RVP10 is backward compatible with RVP8 and RVP900 system data.
  • The open hardware and software architecture provides flexibility to adapt to future needs seamlessly. With it, you can harness the unique capabilities of the signal processor to protect both people and property during extreme weather conditions.
  • Enhanced data security is no longer an option in today’s market. RVP10 stands out as the only weather radar signal processor on the market to undergo third-party audited, OWASP ASVS security verification, so you know your radar systems are continuously protected from potential breaches.

Leaping forward with innovation

The Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) provides meteorological services for the kingdom of Denmark — everything from the weather forecast to climate research. The organization operates five radars in Denmark: in Sindal, on Rømø, in Virring, on Stevns and on Bornholm. Starting in 2016, they began replacing them all with Vaisala radars and will soon replace the last one in Virring with a Vaisala radar on Samsø.

When RVP10 became available, DMI seized the opportunity to modernize their radar network even more from the inside. Lasse Nielsen, service technician at DMI, is delighted with the installation. "First of all, we will get a completely new radar, which will hopefully run flawlessly for many years, and then there is some new technology in it, so we can better count on the data we receive," he said.

Vaisala's RVP10 weather radar signal processor is setting the standard for future innovation. Get more information on RVP10 and its full suite of functionality.

DIAL Atmospheric Profiler DA10

Digital Receiver and Signal Processor RVP10

In our ever-changing environment, timely and accurate weather information is crucial to protect lives and property during extreme conditions. Weather radars provide meteorological observers and forecasters with this vital information, and the signal processor must have the capacity to analyze and deliver it.