Italy gains critical weather insights with its first Vaisala X-band weather radar

Vaisala X-band Weather Radar WRS400
Tuija Eriksson
Tuija Eriksson
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Italy’s climate varies from the north to the south, but the northern region has been seeing more extreme weather patterns such as heavy rainfall. The rainfall increases the likelihood of flooding, risking safety for residents who can be caught off-guard without proper warning. 

To resolve this problem, ARPA Lombardia (the Regional Agency for the Protection of the Environment of Lombardia Region) procured two Vaisala X-band Weather Radar WRS400 through a public tender. Vaisala, in cooperation with their Italian representative and certified service partner Eurelettronica Icas, installed the first WRS400 in December 2021. ARPA selected the top of an existing water tower in the municipality of Flero as one installation site. The location is central to the urban areas and river basin networks, which are most likely to see dangerous flooding conditions. 

Weather radar installation


WRS400 is a short-range weather radar that provides detailed, localized weather detection with unparalleled quality and consistency. The solution delivers storm system data that includes the exact path and precipitation levels, precipitation type and ground-level amounts, and ground-level disturbances such as microbursts and tornadoes – critical for those preparing for dangerous weather conditions.

These are the first weather radars of their kind for the country, and they will provide the advance warning needed to be prepared for extreme weather. Residents will have access to the data and related services, including automated alerts for incoming thunderstorms and hailstorms.

A local press article about the radar installation can be found online in Italian

Photos: Eurelettronica Icas
In the main photo: Engineer Marco Mariano, Eurelettronica Icas