Service center expansion enables global support of the enhanced WindCube vertical profiler

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Damien Wattebled
Damien Wattebled
Project and Customer Service Manager at Leosphere, a Vaisala company
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For more than fifteen years Vaisala has endeavored to offer its clients the best possible service across five continents. To address industry needs and challenges and to provide better uptime and local support, we have globally expanded support for the enhanced WindCube with the addition of four new service and partner centers that are now fully trained and certified to deliver local WindCube® support services and activities.

In addition to the service centers in France and China, new and existing WindCube customers can now benefit from centers and partners in Japan, Germany, the United States, and Australia. All six authorized service centers will provide an unparalleled services suite that the recent WindCube enhancements offer, including installation and training, on-site repair services, accelerated workshop, Premium Service level, engineering and scientific support (only Vaisala).


  • Available for both new and existing WindCube clients. There are two levels of training that Vaisala expert engineers can perform:
    • Quick start (L1): installation, operation, and basic routine maintenance and failure diagnostic training
    • L2 training aims to explain how to do troubleshooting using advanced diagnostics and perform basic repairs at module level
    • E-learning (MOOC) platform is also available for L1 certified users to access an online refresher course on installation and maintenance steps
  • Service and support levels
    • Accelerated workshop: global optimization of the WindCube maintenance flow process to reduce maintenance duration down to an average of 15 business days, from opening a technical support case to a unit getting shipped back from a service center.
    • Premium Service: This level guarantees a maximum of fifteen days for repair of an under-warranty WindCube, thanks to on-site diagnostics and support at the customer onshore location. This option greatly reduces downtime and reliance on the customer to manage shipping and other logistics.
  • Engineering and scientific support (only Vaisala)
    • Specific engineering and scientific support can be provided upon request and according to scientific team availability. This can include specific deep-dive training on lidar measurement principles, specific data analysis and processing performance, etc.

As Romain Guillaume, Director of China Industry at Vaisala Shanghai Sensors explains, "Our team can provide remote support, on-site support, and workshop repair (including validation of wind lidar). Also, being closer to our customers is important to reduce downtime and improve customer satisfaction.” Steve Held, Projects and Services Manager at Vaisala PCS, adds, “Strategically placed Field Engineers in the U.S. ensures faster on-site arrival at the customers’ location and ability to perform all services either onsite at your location or in our Boulder, Colorado location."

EKO Instruments in Tokyo, Japan, will be serving Japanese customers; GWU-Umwelttechnik GmbH in Erftstadt, Germany, will provide service across the D-A-C-H region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland); Vaisala’s Boulder, Colorado, headquarters location will serve North America; and Vaisala’s Melbourne center will service customers in Australia and the Pacific region.

"The EKO Instruments ‘WindCube Customer Support Team’ was formed in 2019 in response to surging interest and sales of vertical profiling lidar. The team now includes 6 full-time service engineers who, together with our sales team, provide WindCube delivery inspection, installation, maintenance, and maintenance support services across Japan. Being one of Vaisala's largest global technical service centers, the EKO Instruments team is excited to grow our partnership and enhance the WindCube brand while delivering premium services and products to our customers,” states EKO Instruments Assistant General Manager, Fujita Makoto.

CEO of GWU-Umwelttechnik GmbH, Ludwig Wagner, highlights the importance of the long-term partnership since 2009: “In order to meet the maintenance and repair needs of the wind lidar systems in the D-A-C-H region in a timely and fair manner, GWU-Umwelttechnik GmbH has established in 2015 a corresponding service and maintenance center in cooperation with Vaisala. In the meantime, the well-trained and experienced technical staff has grown to 6 employees, who in the daily work process meticulously ensure that WindCube vertical profiler and the related periphery maintain their full functionality.

These designated service centers and partners will provide the latest in standard and premium level service for new WindCube customers. Existing customers can contact Vaisala, to upgrade their existing systems with the new WindCube v2.1 measurement capabilities. This includes a complete check-up and component retrofit to the latest standard.

Released in January 2021, the WindCube enhancements include an innovative hybrid wind reconstruction algorithm that reduces uncertainty and increases reliability, increased wind measurement range and more simultaneous measurement heights, the highest-available industry-standard compliance, more turnkey options, and improved levels of standard and premium services.

With advanced measurement capabilities and an unparalleled services suite, WindCube improves data accuracy and bankability for the largest onshore and offshore turbines while ensuring operational continuity thanks to technological innovations and our expanded global service and support.

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