WindCube Enhancements: hybrid wind algorithm

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We are a company filled with a bunch of scientists and explorer types who want to make wind energy smarter — so imagine our delight when we unveiled a series of major enhancements to WindCube in January 2021. WindCube is the industry’s most trusted lidar, but it’s also a highly adaptable technology that gives us plenty of room to grow.

We offered a webinar detailing the enhancements now available with WindCube V2.1 and how they work, and now you can access the webinar anytime, for free.

The science of the hybrid wind reconstruction algorithm

One of the most fascinating innovations behind these enhancements is the new hybrid wind reconstruction algorithm, which Andrew Hastings-Black discussed in detail during the webinar. Our scientists know that atmospheric turbulence exhibits two characteristic noise signatures, which may create some sensitivities in traditional wind measurements. Although these wind reconstruction methods have proven high accuracy to meet the wind industry standard, we couldn’t help but bring further improvements with an innovative hybrid method that further increases the measurement quality and reduces its uncertainty level. These improvements are included with WindCube v2.1 and are fully IEC classified.

New features and the market drivers

The other new WindCube features are driven by specific market needs and use cases, like the still-increasing hub heights of turbines and the increased need for accuracy and certainty. For example, the new measurement enhancements allow WindCube v2.1 to measure up to 300m. However, the expected availability of 300m may vary from site to site. We do have internal tools that can estimate data availability for specific sites. Reach out to us for more information. The in-field tests mentioned in the webinar were all performed using simple sites. For complex sites, FCR is used in conjunction with the hybrid wind reconstruction algorithm.

Wind speed market requirements


Along with the above changes, we’ve developed a vastly enhanced services suite, with new standard and premium offerings to aid customers wherever they are in the world.

Download the full webinar to hear Hastings-Black explain the hybrid wind reconstruction algorithm in detail — and to learn much more about all the WindCube enhancements.