What has made Vaisala’s 40-year collaboration with Eurelettronica Icas successful?

Pasquale Leccese founded Eurelettronica Icas in 1961.
Weather & Environment

Vaisala’s collaboration with Eurelettronica Icas started in 1979, so Vaisala’s weather and environment products and solutions have been successfully sold in Italy for 40 years. The partnership with the CEO Maria Rita Leccese started already 25 years ago when she took over from her father full time. 

What is Eurelettronica Icas?
Eurelettronica operates in a niche market in Italy, and the personnel’s technical expertise focuses in various applications of weather and environment consultation market. This has enabled the company’s continuous development within the field.

Maria’s father, Pasquale Leccese, founded Eurelettronica Icas in 1961; so they will celebrate their 60th anniversary in just over a year. From the very start, Pasquale had a clear vision for the company, and he was inspired by curiosity and foresight. He gave a broad scope to the company who first operated within oceanography and later in meteorology. The partnership between Vaisala and Eurelettronica Icas started In December 1979,  marking also increased growth pace in the Italian meteorological market. 

Eurelettronica’s focus has always been in serving their customers with professionalism and dedication throughout the life cycle of the supplied products to ensure continuous support to long-term customers.

What has made the partnership successful for 40 years? 
The integrity of operations and loyalty have allowed the partnership to continuously evolve. Reliability of the products and innovation of the solutions ensured the collaboration success. Eurelettronica Icas has evolved to become a valued Vaisala partner for their Italian customers. Growing with Vaisala has been an honor, and over the years the partnership has developed into a seamless way of working. 
What could Vaisala improve? 
It may be obvious to say that continuous improvement is a sign of leadership. Vaisala, as a industry leader, has the capability and resilience to grow in this field, for example through innovative research and development – not forgetting the great distribution network. Continuous development may be a challenge for the future, especially in a constantly changing world. However, Vaisala has an excellent foundation to keep up and improve the competencies, also within the local markets.

What is unique to Italy as a market?
Italy has a complex morphological structure being located in the Mediterranean basin, with two mountain chains running along its entire length, which may sometimes activate a different weather situations. This highlights the importance of weather critical operations in aviation, transportation as well as renewable energy and weather research. We have succeeded in establishing different applications of Vaisala’s products and services in Italy.
As a sign of a continuously evolving meteorological market in Italy, in 2020 the city of Bologna will inaugurate the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts that will be moved from the UK. 

Rita Maria Leccese

What has changed within the industry over the 25 years when you have led the company?
Everything has changed in these 25 years. The internet has contributed to a new way of working also within this market, and technological progress has gone to the next level. AI and machine learning are transforming the business.

I started as the CEO in August 1994 and have followed my father’s example of resilience, perseverance, and commitment – sometimes struggling with the financial difficulties of the time. With Vaisala at the forefront, we have evolved together while maintaining the right pace to fulfil the local needs and customers’ expectations. 
What is best about Finland?
Finland is the land where one feels that silence is a powerful force, with its fierce nature in the background. It is impressive to realize how Finland can be a leader in technology, digging out a high-end niche in the industry. I first visited Finland in 1986, and since then Helsinki has become my second hometown.  

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