A Smart Approach to Wind Anomalies 

Anomalous winds during recent Indian monsoon season
Edward Mahlum
Wind and Solar Energy 
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India's monsoon wind speeds have fallen by as much as 9% over the past two decades. Three of the past four years have been below average.  However, the declines have large variations across the country: Location matters.  

Vaisala's new online Climate Reference Tool lets users see wind speed anomalies on a map.  An asset owner can zoom in on their project location and visualize the weather impact.   

Using climate reference data, Vaisala analyzed wind speed trends in seven of India's significant wind development regions. In each case, the twenty-year trend was downward, but with notable geographic variations. The decline ranged from 9% in Rajasthan to 2% in Karnataka.   

Wind speed anomalies are part of the puzzle in explaining project performance. In the last few years, low monsoon wind speeds might well have caused missed energy production budgets.  Isolating the weather impact helps an owner find and resolve the issues under their control.  

The Climate Reference Tool enables asset owners to visualize weather impacts, and it free to use – you can register today for access at http://energy.vaisala.com/climate.  

More information on wind performance in India

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Climate Reference Tool

Immediately access over 35 years of monthly, quarterly, and annual wind speed anomalies – anywhere in the world – by creating a free account.

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Shuichi Katoh

Jan 6, 2019
Tool is excellent.

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