Urban air pollution poses a significant threat to human health and the quality of life of millions of people worldwide. It also places a substantial financial burden on society at large. Being able to comprehensively estimate overall urban air pollution aids air quality organizations in their decision-making and assists in the implementation of preventive actions to reduce emissions. Vaisala provides the latest technology for air quality monitoring, as well as measuring atmospheric weather conditions relevant to monitoring, estimating, and forecasting air quality.

Measuring Air Quality

Traditionally, air quality monitoring has been the domain of the authorities and has required high cost regulatory measurement stations, but the regulatory networks are too sparse to indicate local pollution levels accurately and to offer the people opportunities to have real time visibility to their exposure to polluted air and to make real-time decisions regarding it.
Vaisala technology and products for supplementary air quality monitoring enable dense but cost efficient measurement networks. Vaisala air quality transmitters measure pollution gases, like carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and ozone, as well as particles in the air. The products can be combined seamlessly with Vaisala's industry-leading WXT multi-w eather stations, and they present a novel, innovative way to build affordable b ut comprehensive air quality monitoring networks.

Understanding the Impact of Weather

The severity of air pollution greatly depends on meteorological conditions, with day-to-day changes in the weather being the greatest factor affecting air quality. Because of this, the ability to accurately monitor and forecast weather conditions is crucial to understanding pollutant formation, transformation, dispersion, transportation, and removal. The prevailing weather conditions affect the thickness of the atmospheric layer that traps pollution in our breathable air.

Vaisala Air Quality Transmitter AQT420

Air Quality Transmitter AQT420

for Pollutant Gases and Particulate Matter
Cost-effective AQT420 is an air quality transmitter that measures up to four most common gaseous pollutants...

Air Quality Monitoring and Prediction

The on-going urbanization brings even more challenges to all of us. Solving those won't be easy but as long as we work together it can be done. It all begins by measuring, analyzing and understanding the data of air pollution.

Vaisala combines data from high performing air quality sensor networks with important weather parameters. That allows us to forecast the air pollution.