Currently available reference-grade air quality monitoring stations provide accurate data, but the networks are sparse. New technologies make it possible to complement the existing measurements with compact air quality sensors.

Vaisala air quality transmitters measure pollution gases, like carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and ozone, as well as particles in the air. The products can be combined seamlessly with Vaisala's industry-leading WXT multi-weather stations, and they present a novel, innovative way to build affordable but comprehensive air quality monitoring networks.




Our offering in air quality ranges from turnkey networks with network management and air quality modelling to individual sensors and instruments for measuring gases and particulates, meteorological parameters and boundary layer height.

Vaisala provides the latest technology for air quality monitoring, as well as measuring atmospheric weather conditions relevant to monitoring, estimating, and forecasting air quality.


Ambient air quality measurements are typically made with fixed ground-based air monitoring stations.


Supplementary air quality monitoring enables dense but cost-efficient measurement networks that increase the number of measurement points and improve the access to real-time air quality information.


Weather effects the air quality and air quality effects the weather. The trend is towards micro weather forecasts that can detect fluctuations between different parts of a city.

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