The Atmosphere is Yours

Leosphere and Vaisala have joined forces to provide customers with a comprehensive product range of Lidar based systems in the fields of wind energy, meteorology, air traffic management and air quality.

Explore Lidar Based Wind Measurement Applications and Products

Wind Park

Wind Industry

Accurate multi-range measurements, from the ground or from the nacelle. For development, commissioning, operations maintenance and repowering, we help all players derive the best possible value from their investment.

Bridge in Fog

Weather & Climate

Highly accurate wind and aerosol Lidars performing 24/7 real-time measurements and high-level data processing as part of comprehensive new high-resolution weather and climate prediction models.

Airplane landing vortex

Aviation Weather

Speed, shear, turbulence, and more: our Lidar systems provide all the information Air Traffic Management needs to achieve optimum safety, meet regulatory requirements and improve airport efficiency.

Factory chimneys

Air Quality & Industrial Risk

Accurate, Lidar-based wind and aerosol measurement of mining and industrial particulates in real time, to help control emissions, meet environmental standards and reduce loss of materials.

Windcube Vertical Profiler


The WindCube is the reference remote sensor in the wind industry, providing accurate wind measurements up to 200 meters. Developers, power producers, consultants and manufacturers have selected it for their onshore and offshore projects.

Scanning Windcube

WindCube Scan

The WindCube Scan is a scanning wind Doppler Lidar system offering a range from 100m to 3.5 km, 6 km or 10km as well as multiple scanning patterns choices.

Wind Iris Power Optimization

WindCube Nacelle for Power Optimization

The WindCube Nacelle is designed to be mounted temporarily on the nacelle of a turbine. It measures the horizontal wind speed and direction at hub height ahead of the turbine, and generates accurate data to optimize wind turbine performance.

Wind Iris Turbine Control

WindCube Nacelle for Turbine Control

The WindCube Nacelle for Turbine Control (TC) sensor provides real-time characterization of wind up to 200 meters in front of the rotor plane, enabling turbine manufacturers to make significant improvements to the efficiency of wind energy production.