Vaisala TempCast

Get key road weather measurements from critical road network locations, easily and affordably.


Sensor activation and installation​

Vaisala Cast Connect application in App Store

iOS activation application for Vaisala Cast sensors​

Vaisala Cast Connect application in Google Play

Android activation application for Vaisala Cast sensors

Vaisala TempCast Datasheet

Describes features and specifications.

Vaisala TempCast Setup guide

Describes installation for Vaisala TempCast.

Vaisala TempCast Mounting Adapter Installation Note

Outlines how to use the mounting adapter together with the TempCast mounting bracket.

Sensor replacement and recycling​

Vaisala TempCast Setup guide See section Replacing and recycling device.

Regulatory information​

Battery Datasheet Sensor battery features and specifications by battery manufacturer​.
Battery information sheet​ Material safety datasheet of sensor battery by battery manufacturer.
Battery test report Test report of sensor battery by battery manufacturer​.