Quality, environment, health and safety

Comprehensive Management System guides our business

Quality, Environment, and Health & Safety management systems in Vaisala have been integrated into one Management System. This comprehensive Management System ensures that our products and services are reliable and that environmental matters as well as health and safety aspects are managed properly. It also supports our effective way of working and continual improvement.

Vaisala's Quality, Environmental, and Health & Safety Policy spans our whole organization, driven by the top management, and it guides all our activities. Our management system is also certified against ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 standards.

Quality, environment, and health and safety (QEHS) policy

We deliver to our customers value adding, reliable and safe solutions, which increase operational efficiency and improve environmental performance. Our business is conducted in a sustainable, high quality manner and we require our suppliers and partners to apply the same principles. Ultimately, our success is measured by customers’ actual experience.

We are committed to continual improvement and we expect all our people to participate in improvement activities. Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety (QEHS) management standards provide framework for this approach. We emphasize collaborative way of working across all functions and layers, with leaders and managers setting QEHS goals and organizing continual improvement across interfaces.

We provide safe working conditions for our people, with a goal of zero injuries and occupational diseases, and we consult and collaborate with our employees in all health and safety aspects.

We are net positive. Environmental impacts are considered throughout the life cycle of our solutions and business activities. We comply with the applicable Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental legislation and requirements and we report transparently our performance.

Vaisala has certified Quality, Environment and Health & Safety Management System.

Certificates can be found on the Code of Conduct page.

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