Hydrogen peroxide calibration with certified traceability

Our hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) measurement instruments, Vaisala PEROXCAP HPP270 series instruments, have leading accuracy and long-term stability. However, regular calibration is recommended when measuring in demanding hydrogen peroxide applications.

Vaisala offers traceable H2O2 calibration according to ISO 9001 with a certificate including both ‘as-found’ and ‘as-left’ results. Sensors are replaced as needed for the same price.

Why is hydrogen peroxide calibration important for vH2O2 instruments?

Bio-decontamination processes are demanding for measurement instruments and sensors due to the characteristics of vaporized hydrogen peroxide. Vaisala PEROXCAP HPP270 series H2O2 instruments have been designed to tolerate the harsh conditions for a long time without significant measurement drift, but we recommend regular calibration at a Vaisala Service Center. That ensures continuous measurement accuracy and stability as well as improves your process quality when you wish to utilize the same measurement instrument for several years.

Standard calibration is equal to the calibration performed for new Vaisala instruments before those leave the factory. It is a perfect choice when you need to verify that the instrument accuracy matches the original specifications.

Standard Calibration service

How to calibrate a hydrogen peroxide instrument?

Calibrating a hydrogen peroxide instrument is a demanding process requiring expertise and deep knowledge of the measurement technology. As the Vaisala PEROXCAP instruments include both humidity and hydrogen peroxide sensors, understanding both technologies and the related algorithms is key. Vaisala's Standard Calibration is more than a calibration as it also includes:

- Functional testing
- Instrument adjustment to meet its specification
- Filter and sensors replacement if needed
- Calibration certificate with as-found and as-left results
- Service report


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