Humidity calibrations for basic and regulated needs

Humidity instruments in most applications require regular calibration by the manufacturer. Especially in critical applications such as drying or manufacturing humidity-sensitive products, continuous accuracy and stability is essential. 

Select between accredited and standard humidity calibrations or other maintenance services for your Vaisala humidity instruments.

Why is humidity calibration important?

Humidity is often measured in demanding processes varying from very high humidity values in applications like fuel cells or laboratories to lower levels in optimized drying processes. Continuous accuracy over several years can mean significant energy savings and cost savings when materials or warm air is not wasted.

Regular humidity calibration is important also in regulated industries where measurement compliance needs to be proven due to external audits. This requires ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration that Vaisala offers for several instruments.

How to calibrate a humidity instrument?

The humidity instrument is allowed to stabilize to the conditions of the calibration laboratory before comparing the readings of the instrument to the readings of the reference humidity generator in a Vaisala laboratory. In most of our calibrations, relative humidity readings are compared to a reference in five calibration points along the measurement range and adjusted if necessary. This is to ensure that the instrument is performing according to the specification. Humidity and temperature are co-dependent, so also the temperature sensor of the humidity instrument needs to be calibrated. 

Professional calibration at a Vaisala Service Center is recommended for best possible results. Order your calibration via our Online Store. Direct links to order services for some of our humidity instruments: HMT331, HMT333, HMT334, HMT335, HMT337, HMT338, HMP75, HMP77B, HMP110 and HMP76.


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As a manufacturer, Vaisala offers professional Accredited and Standard Calibrations as well as maintenance services. We are able to fulfill all original requirements and the strictest quality standards. Simply return your Vaisala instrument to us and enjoy a stress-free service.​