Dew point calibration

Dew point calibration is usually requested by customers who need continuous accuracy to protect their equipment from moisture and corrosion or want to ensure high-quality products in a drying process. We offer both Accredited and Standard Calibration services for dew point as well as Vaisala Indigo80 handheld for regular spot-checking and data-analyses.

Why calibrate dew point measurement instruments?

Dew point measurement instruments are often used in applications, such as drying or general humidity control, where continuous accuracy brings both energy and cost efficiency. If you have a GxP environment that requires regulatory compliance, no other reasons to calibrate are really needed, but your product quality may depend on the highest possible accuracy also in other demanding environments. 

If you are drying products where certain humidity level of the final product is in an essential role, reliable data year after year will help you control the product quality. When it comes to drying applications, regular calibration will in most cases enable using the same measurement instrument for years. You will know the exact dew point temperature to control the temperature of the drying air. 

How is a dew point measurement instrument calibrated?

Dew point is calibrated by comparison calibration against dew point mirror or dew point generator. Temperature of the instrument is calibrated by comparing the instruments' temperature readings to a reference thermometer. Before measurements, the instrument is allowed to stabilize to the conditions of the laboratory.

Professional calibration at a Vaisala Service Center is recommended for best possible results. Order your calibration via our Online Store. Direct links to order services for some of our popular dew point instruments: DMP74B, DMT341, DMT342, DMT344, DMT347, DMT348, DMT242, DMT152, DMP74A, DMT143, DMT143L, and DPT146.


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