Absolute pressure calibration

Pressure measurements are often critical when it comes to the process outcome. Order regular calibrations for your Vaisala pressure measurement instruments for the best possible outcome. Professional pressure instrument calibrations are performed at Vaisala Service Centers globally. Vaisala offers both Standard and Accredited calibrations for pressure instruments.

Why is pressure calibration important?

Vaisala BAROCAP® pressure sensor is a silicon-based micromechanical sensor that offers reliable performance in a wide variety of applications. BAROCAP sensors feature low hysteresis combined with excellent accuracy and long-term stability, but as the instruments are often used in critical applications varying from the semiconductor and electronics industries to engine testing booths and calibration laboratories, regular calibration by Vaisala is highly recommended.

How is pressure calibrated?

Pressure calibration is a comparison calibration where the reference value and the Unit Under Calibration (UUC) value are compared at selected pressures. In most of our calibrations pressure readings are compared to a reference in nine points along the measurement range. This is to verify the best possible accuracy the instrument and adjustment is done when necessary. Calibrating an instrument in the whole measurement range, ensures that the instrument is performing according to the specification. Sometimes it is also practical to calibrate the UUC for a part of the measurement range if the range is larger than the used pressure range.

For best possible outcome we recommend pressure calibration at a Vaisala Service Center. Order your calibration via our Online Store. Direct links to order services for some of our pressure measurement instruments: PTU301, PTU303, PTU307, PTB330, PTB210 and PTB110.


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As a manufacturer, Vaisala offers professional Accredited and Standard Calibrations as well as maintenance services. We are able to fulfill all original requirements and the strictest quality standards. Simply return your Vaisala instrument to us and enjoy a stress-free service.​