WindCube Nacelle

The perfect tool for maximizing energy production and conducting Power Performance Testing (PPT) on any turbine.

    Unprecedented range


    WindCube® Nacelle is the industry’s most used and trusted nacelle lidar. And now, it's helping every turbine reach its potential. Measuring wind conditions at hub height ahead of the turbine — at an unprecedented range of 700m — to enable efficient PPT and optimization.

    WindCube Nacelle is the only lidar on the market to reach such distances — both onshore and offshore —and meet the PPT requirements for any current and future wind turbine. Over 300 WindCube Nacelle lidars are deployed worldwide, on 100+ wind turbine models.


    Quick & robust PPT

    Engineered specifically to support WindCube Nacelle, the WindCube Insights Analytics software tool allows operators to perform quick, simple, and transparent PPT with IEC-compliant filtering, AEP calculation, and uncertainties reporting.

    By simplifying data handling activities, users are free to focus on the most essential performance analysis and optimization work.


    Accurate, verified data

    The system captures wind data simultaneously at 20 measurement distances and has an extremely high correlation with IEC met mast measurements — giving wind industry stakeholders the reliable data needed to make better decisions. It is also possible to integrate third-party calibrations against IEC met mast data to further reduce PPT uncertainties.


    Wide range of applications

    WindCube Nacelle is one of the most versatile tools available to developers, operators, and manufacturers. Its applications include PPT, fatigue and extreme load reduction, yaw correction, turbine class upgrades, warranty power curve, and more.

    The system’s ease of deployment, universal compatibility, and simple structure make it non-intrusive and easy to integrate into existing wind energy operations.

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