Automatic Weather Station

AWS810 for Meteorology

Empowering communities across the world to keep their citizens safe and secure.

Powering modern networks

The World Meteorological Organization notes that community safety and well-being depend on global, 24/7 weather observations. Today there are large geographical gaps in availability, and many observations are either not made at all or not shared well enough.

AWS810 is a generational leap in the industry, enabling first-class surface weather observations, future readiness, plus a modern, secure, and integrated network architecture. It enables users around the world to easily integrate and manage a variety of sensors, and create efficient surface observation networks that provide high-quality, shareable, actionable data.

It uses industry-leading security and continuous security advancement, as well as improved data transparency to support:

  • Real-time synoptic observation and monitoring of weather critical events
  • Continuous, traceable climatological data for a variety of agency, government, and research purposes

Vaisala Automatic Weather Station AWS810 has everything that you need for taking accurate and reliable weather measurements.

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