Observation Network Manager NM10

An automated network management system connects individual systems, sensors and devices so that you can easily monitor and control your sites and access your weather observation data from anywhere.

Implementing a scalable, flexible management solution with autonomous systems and intelligent field devices of different brands and types which provide interfaces for efficient integration with other products and systems will allow you to optimize your network operations, improve safety and facilitate operation in remote locations.

Vaisala Observation Network Manager NM10 enables remote monitoring and control of your weather observation networks on one central, secure and automated platform. An off-the-shelf solution with extensive support and proven performance and functionality significantly reduces the implementation time and total lifetime costs, helping you stretch your budget further.

Data acquisition: Vaisala weather transmitters, Vaisala air quality transmitters, Vaisala surface weather stations, Vaisala AviMet® airport systems, Vaisala AUTOSONDE® systems, Vaisala DigiCORA® sounding systems, Vaisala RWS200 road weather stations, Vaisala weather radars, Vaisala lightning detection systems, ASCII string message parsing from third-party surface weather sensors and systems (when applicable), OGC SensorThings RESTful HTTP service
Data post collection​: Vaisala surface weather stations​
Data processing: Range, step, and persistence checks for surface and road weather transmitter and station observations, Generic statistics, wind, sun radiation and solar specific central calculations, Gain and offset correction for air quality measurements
Data storage: PostgreSQL database, Observation and event text files, Configurable database management system
Time services​: Time synchronization for Vaisala surface weather stations, NTP system time synchronization​​
Notification services: ​Configurable SMTP email alerts
Remote site access: Terminal connection for weather transmitters and stations, RDP over HTTPS for airport, AUTOSONDE® and DigiCORA® sounding systems, Web browser connection via HTTPS to AUTOSONDE® and DigiCORA® sounding systems, RWS200, and lightning detection systems
Metadata management: Manual maintenance and device metadata management
Web user interface​: Client connection via HTTPS, User authentication and administration, User configurable desktop and widgets, Map, list, graph, wind-rose, and text widgets, System settings, Sound alerts, events monitoring, Alarm acknowledgement: grant or deny balloon release, Observation data reports, Data availability and validity reports, Maintenance and device metadata management views, Translation for local language(s), Context sensitive help
GIS map service: GeoServer with OpenStreetMap world map, Standard map max. zoom level: 1:433K, Enhanced map max. zoom level: 1:6759, WMS interface for third-party map data
Data export: FTP/SFTP, WFS via HTTPS, Automatic WMO FM 94 BUFR Ed 4 v. 29.0.0 (Fixed land station synoptic reports, ref. 3 07 080)
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Key Benefits

Real-time observations and status of devices from one central location with secure connections
Connecting individual systems, sensors, and devices to provide automated, real-time, and continuous monitoring of your entire network, freeing up personnel to focus on other tasks.
Optimized lifetime support to achieve lower operational costs and investments
Designed specifically for weather and environmental observation network monitoring. With accurate information at their fingertips, your experts can and quickly fix problems remotely even without visiting the site. An off-the-shelf solution with extensive support and proven performance and functionality.
Scalable, flexible network management solution
Perfect for both small and large networks, the NM10 is fully scalable, so if your needs change you can extend the system quickly, easily, and affordably. Support for autonomous systems and intelligent field devices of different brands and types for efficient system integration.

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