Present Weather Detectors PWD22 and PWD52

Vaisala Present Weather Detectors PWD22 and PWD52

Present Weather Detectors PWD22 and PWD52

Vaisala's PWD-series of present weather detectors and visibility sensors provide you off-the-shelf accuracy and reliability

Key Benefits

​Accurate and traceable measurements of visibility
Calibrated with reference to a highly accurate transmissometer, PWD22 & PWD52 use a proven forward scatter measurement principle to record meteorological optical range (MOR) and offer well-protected optics to guard against contamination.
Solid track record
Thousands of PWD series have been installed around the world and undergone rigorous testing programs. In the field, Vaisala's PWD sensors have very low failure rates and have demonstrated their robustness through high performance in some of the harshest climates, ranging from offshore to desert and from airport to roadside deployments.
Visibility measurements for a wide range of applications
Our systems provide long-range visibility measurements for a diverse set of environments, from harbors and coastal areas to heliports and even wind turbines. Wherever visibility measurements are necessary, Vaisala offers a cost-effective and reliable solution.