Visibility Sensors PWD10, PWD20 and PWD20W

Sensors designed for a variety of visibility measurement applications, including: road weather, waterway visibility measurement, and wind turbine applications such as obstruction light control.

Robust and versatile
Accurate measurement of visibility
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Key Benefits

​Accurate and traceable
PWD sensors use the proven forward-scatter measurement principle to measure meteorological optical range (MOR).
Easy installation
All Vaisala's PWD sensors are compact (less than one meter long), light-weight, and come with a cable and connector for easy installation, which can be mounted in multiple ways on any existing mast.
PWD20W - ideal for wind turbine applications
The challenging conditions on top of a wind turbine require a robust and reliable device like the Visibility Sensor PWD20W, which cost-effectively supports obstruction light control and a range of other wind applications.