Duct Humidity and Temperature Transmitter HMD60

For high precision measurements in demanding HVAC applications

The sturdy and reliable duct mounted HMD60 transmitter is designed for measuring air humidity and temperature in demanding HVAC systems. The combination of high accuracy, excellent measurement stability and reliable operation makes this product an ideal choice for applications with the highest requirements.

Five year warranty badge

  • ±1.5 %RH, ±0.1 °C / ±0.18 °F accuracy measurements in air ducts
  • Robust and reliable, IP66 rated all metal body
  • Traceable calibration (certificate included)
  • Analog, Modbus RTU and BACnet MS/TP output options
  • Optional parameters: dew point, wet bulb, enthalpy, absolute humidity, mixing ratio
  • Optimal choice for demanding building automation and HVAC process control
  • Humidity models: HMD60 (configurable), HMD62, HMD65
  • See also the temperature models: TMD60

High precision

Humidity measurement with Vaisala HUMICAP® R2 sensor comes with state-of-the-art precision, stability and environmental resistance. Temperature is measured with a highly accurate Pt1000 sensor element.

Stability - Reliability

The high quality and excellent stability of the measurements enables precise and reliable controls of HVAC systems, even in demanding conditions or sites.

Traceable accuracy

The instruments are individually adjusted and delivered with a traceable (ISO 9001) calibration certificate. The transmitter is easy to calibrate also on site using a Vaisala handheld meter or Vaisala Insight PC software.

Fit for demanding measurement needs

Vaisala provides a wide range of HVAC transmitters to complement the building automation system even in the most demanding indoor environments and their control needs - data centers, other industrial buildings, hospitals, cleanrooms; or monitoring and control of indoor environmental quality in any space where health security matters.



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