Portable Sampling System DSS70A and sampling cells

for Hand-Held Meter DM70

Note that the DSS70A is being discontinued, do not specify DSS70A for new projects.

The Vaisala DRYCAP® Portable Sampling System DSS70A provides a compact solution for field checking dew point where direct measurement is difficult. Typical applications for the sampling system are metal treatment and plastics drying processes. The DM70 can be easily connected to pressurized processes. In addition to direct pipeline installation, a variety of sampling cell options are available for gas sampling.


  • Enables measurement from both pressurized processes and processes at atmospheric pressure
  • Compatible with the DM70 Dewpoint Meter​
  • Also available a variety of sampling cell options for DM70 connection to pressurized processes​

Key benefits

Low maintenance needs

Excellent long-term measurement stability.

Compact design

A battery-powered system enables dew point measurements in places where direct measurement is not possible.

Fast response time

Enables fast measurement between start-up from ambient conditions to low and high process dew points.