Antenna-mounted Receiver for C-band Weather Radars - AMR

All the benefits of dual polarization without the downtime and cost. Antenna-mounted receivers allow you to upgrade, rather than completely replace existing single-polarization systems. Apart from the obvious data quality and availability benefits this brings, it will also greatly reduce your maintenance costs – and at a lower initial investment than a full radar replacement.

Quantitative precipitation estimation
Hydrometeor classification
Elimination of non-meteorological targets
Attenuation correction
Better detectability of weak precipitation
The latest software and algorithms
Remote data monitoring and control
Remote calibration and maintenance
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Key Benefits

Dual polarization in less than two weeks
An antenna-mounted receiver makes it possible to send and receive both signal channels through one channel rather than separately through the pedestal. The upgrade
is a tried and tested one-size-fits-all product that only requires minimal site-specific adjustments.
Easy maintenance
Calibration and much of the maintenance can be carried out online, which reduces associated travel and labor costs. And when a technician is required on site, the
easily accessible and replaceable units mean that repairs are quick and easy.
Better for your budget, better for the environment
Extending the lifetime of existing mechanical hardware, rather than scrapping it prematurely, not only makes financial sense, it makes environmental sense too, as no new
natural resources need to be used.
AMR weather radar upgrade process