Ceilometer CL31 & CL51 for Aviation

Get to know these trusted ceilometers and how they provide reliable situational awareness for more informed, safer airport operations.

Awareness when it counts most


Situational awareness is everything in aviation. From ATC practices to final-approach piloting decisions, reliable cloud and visibility measurements can be the difference between smooth, safe operations and problematic disruptions. Increased weather severity and flight frequency are making these insights more crucial than ever.

With CL31 and CL51, airports can:

  • Use multi-layer cloud assessment and cirrus cloud detection (CL51 model) to improve operational decisions
  • Rely on consistent accuracy at the full measurement range, including down to aircraft landing decision height
  • Make immediate, data-informed decisions and improve crucial ATC and piloting tasks

CL31 and CL51 are ideally suited to airport environments and can form the backbone of an airport’s weather monitoring system. Simple data integrations, excellent performance in any conditions, and reliable insights make them valuable multi-use tools over long service lives.

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