Finland's semiconductor industry needs thousands of new talents


What would the world look like without semiconductors and people behind them? Without the applications and devices enabled by semiconductors, from smartphones to computers, healthcare technologies to energy systems, our society would take a significant step backward. However, this rapidly growing industry needs even more talents. As a joint effort, semiconductor companies in Finland have launched an awareness campaign in January 2024 with the aim of attracting young students to pursue careers in semiconductors. Vaisala is participating in the campaign.

The global semiconductor market is estimated to reach $1 trillion by 2030. Currently, the industry employs around 5,000 people in Finland, but the need for skilled professionals is expected to quadruple by 2032.

The campaign aims to raise awareness about the growing semiconductor industry and its opportunities. The campaign theme "Without us" encourages reflection on how today's world would look without semiconductors and emphasizes the crucial role played by those working in this field as builders of a more sustainable future. The campaign includes videos on social media channels and a website that showcases information about semiconductors, future prospects within the field, and various educational paths through which one can enter into a career within the semiconductor industry.

The following companies are participating in the campaign:

  • Applied Materials in Finland (Picosun Oy)
  • Bosch Finland
  • Canatu Oy
  • KYOCERA Technologies Oy
  • Murata Electronics Oy
  • Okmetic Oy
  • Vaisala Oyj

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