Aalto University's electrical workshop space was inaugurated as Vilho Väisälä’s workshop in Otaniemi

Vilho Väisälä's workshop in Otaniemi
Innovations and Inspirations

The donations of Vilho Väisälä's descendants, the Weisell Foundation and Vaisala have enabled the long-term development of Aalto University.

The Electrical Workshop, located at Maarintie 8 on Aalto University's Otaniemi campus, is known for the joy and humor of making things. In the future, the renovated space will be known as Vilho Väisälä's workshop, when it was ceremonially inaugurated on Monday, September 11.

Vilho Väisälä’s workshop is a space efficiently used for many hands-on courses but originally known as an electrical workshop course. Electrical Engineering Bachelor’s Program includes electrical workshop course, where student groups get the opportunity for hands-on work right from their first year of study. In the courses, student groups design and build the most elaborate and technically challenging devices, usually with a slight humorous touch. Participants do not need prior experience in design or coding, as everything is learned on-site. More and more enthusiastic students from all Aalto University multidisciplinary six schools are participating in the hands-on courses organized in the Vilho Väisälä’s workshop.

"Vilho Väisälä's workshop has great significance in our teaching; it allows students to put their learning into practice. For many, the workshop courses are also one of the most enjoyable experiences during their study time", says Dean Jussi Ryynänen, Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering.

Students in Vilho Väisälä's workshop


Vilho Väisälä was a Finnish intellectual, innovator, and the founder of the Vaisala.

"We are extremely grateful to Vilho Väisälä's descendants, the Weisell Foundation and Vaisala for all the support and help they have offered to Aalto students and the entire Aalto community all these years," says Aalto University President Ilkka Niemelä. Donations have enabled the long-term development of Aalto University and evened out surprising fluctuations in the public finances.

“Vilho Väisälä’s work was characterized by curiosity and innovation, which are also the basis of the Electrical Workshop. Science-based innovations are at the core of Vaisala, so cooperation with the scientific community has been very important to us since the company was founded. The Electrical Workshop is a great example of how open-minded new creation and teamwork can be learned through joy and humor", says Ville Voipio, Chair of the Vaisala Board. 


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Vilho Väisälä (1889–1969) was a Finnish intellectual, innovator, and the founder of the Vaisala. He was one of the pioneers of Finnish high technology, whose boundless curiosity and willingness to experiment, combined with a scientific approach, led to unparalleled inventions. Even today, his work will inspire students in the renovated and larger premises of Vilho Väisälä's workshop in Otaniemi.

Vilho Väisälä's workshop, sign