Vaisala celebrates EU’s Diversity Month in May

EU Diversity Month 2022
Working at Vaisala

May marks European Diversity Month under the theme “Building Bridges”. EU calls on all organizations across Europe to join with different activities and campaigns. Vaisala has increased focus on enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as part of its culture and takes part in the EU celebration with a few events during May.

The theme of the EU event is Building Bridges. By investing in diversity, equity, and inclusion, this is exactly what we do. When we focus on our culture and community, we empower our employees and attract the best talent. When we hire talent from diverse backgrounds, we get new perspectives. When we get new perspectives, we make more informed decisions and continue to build world-class innovations, enhancing our customer experience.

Not to mention it is the right thing to do: as our products contribute to a better future, so should our community contribute to a better working life for all.

Building Bridges

Participating in the EU Diversity Month, Vaisala has a few campaigns in store for its employees. May starts with an internal coffee chat with Vaisala’s President and CEO Kai Öistämö, human resources, and marketing who discuss culture, diversity, and their link to customer experience.

The month culminates in an internal panel discussion with internal Vaisala panelists as well as an external guest speaker. The topic on the table is, in relation to the World Day for Cultural Diversity and Development, diversity, inclusion, and multicultural backgrounds in technology.

Diversity and inclusion are increasingly on Vaisala’s agenda, and we have already taken some strides. For instance, Vaisala Leadership Team’s short-term incentives are tied to, among others, a sustainability target, which is a diversity target in 2022. But the journey continues: there are many activities being planned as time progresses, and these will be shared with Vaisala’s employees and other stakeholders.