Vaisala encourages climate-friendly decisions by offering company bikes for its employees in Finland

Bike in Helsinki
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In honor of Zero Emissions Day today, we are happy to announce that Vaisala will offer a company bike benefit for its employees in Finland. Environmental sustainability is an integral part of Vaisala’s business: it is realized both through the impact of our products but also our business practices, such as the use of 100% renewable electricity.

“Climate matters and employee well-being are important for us on a global scale, and now we start the company bike benefit in Finland, where a significant amount of our employees work and where this national tax benefit has been enabled. We are proud to say that our employees have been proactively asking after this benefit since it was launched. This shows that they want their everyday actions to have a positive impact on the climate,” says Janne Tiainen, Director of Compensation and Benefits at Vaisala.

Choosing a bike over a car even on some days decreases carbon emissions significantly, which is why it is an important factor in mitigating climate change. The partner Vaisala is working with also compensates for the bikes’ total lifecycle emissions, making it a truly zero-emission option. Offering easy and affordable choices for employees to make such decisions in everyday life is integral for companies promoting and encouraging environmentally sustainable practices. 

“With this new benefit, we are very happy to encourage emissions-free transport and support our employees in making the climate-friendly decisions that are suitable for them,” Tiainen continues.

By offering this benefit for our employees, we also want to promote their well-being and encourage a healthy lifestyle in addition to a carbon neutral one. The area around Vaisala’s head office in Vantaa offers beautiful nature trails and biking routes just by the Vantaa river and near the Central Park forest, spanning the metropolitan area. Nature and greenery have proven benefits for mental well-being. Biking to work or on free time is a great balance and boost for the innovative work we do at Vaisala: developing solutions that help build a sustainable future for our planet.


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