Vaisala Energy Budget Outlook

How much of last month’s departure from expected production was caused by the weather?  What should you expect to happen next month?  Next quarter?  Vaisala now provides an independent, monthly, assessment of the weather impact to your project portfolio – both wind and solar projects.  This information is designed to be used in monthly operating reports to senior management, assist with setting annual energy generation budgets, and helping to determine the causes of under or over performance. 

Key Benefits:

  • 3rd party, Independent view to understand and communicate the impact of weather on your project portfolio

  • Supports integrated portfolios of wind and solar projects 

  • Better decisions with a skillful months-ahead forecast 

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Energy Budget Outlook - Operational Reforecast

Operational Reforecasting

Guides monthly and annual energy budget setting and intra-year updates.The operational reforecast reduces error in future generation estimates that are currently obtained from a blend of pre-construction reports and operational production data. 

Energy Budget Outlook - Seasonal outlook

Seasonal Outlook

A 12-month-ahead outlook forecasts the likelihood of deviations from normal production due to climate signals.The seasonal outlook predicts departures from normal in the weather resource due to expected climate variability and anomalies (caused by earth...

Energy Budget Outlook - Performance reconciliation

Performance reconciliation

Provides a preliminary allocation of project performance to weather resource and project efficiency. The performance reconciliation serves as a basic system of accounting for energy deviations, by attributing the differences in metered generation into...

Climate Reference Tool shows historical wind speed anomalies

Wind anomalies - worldwide

Vaisala's Climate Reference Tool lets you see wind anomalies based on more than 35 years of historical wind data. Register now for free lifetime access!