Modern Wind Measurement - A new breed of measurement campaign

Accurate wind data is essential to ensure that wind projects deliver the returns and performance that developers, investors, and utilities expect. As turbine heights have grown and continue to grow, the wind energy industry uses remote sensors more and more to supplement or replace met towers, which just aren't tall enough to capture all the wind data needed to do an accurate energy assessment.

"A New Breed of Wind Measurement Campaign" discusses how wind project developers and operators are integrating remote sensing into their wind measurement campaigns. There is no "one right answer" - different combinations of SoDAR and LiDAR technology and towers are used to address different climate and terrain conditions. "A New Breed of Wind Measurement Campaign" is part of  Remote Sensing Revolution, an industry briefing available exclusively from Vaisala. You can download it by filling out the form on this page.

"Remote sensing offers an array of practical benefits..."

...from speed of deployment, to setup and technician safety, cost, accuracy, mobility and reusability. - Remote Sensing Revolution

"Site prospecting can be undertaken more swiftly and more accurately"

The mobility and ease of deployment of SoDAR and LiDAR means they can be on site within hours, providing accurate resource estimates - Remote Sensing Revolution

"Remote sensors accurately measure wind speed and direction across a full profile..."

...from lower heights up to 200m, reducing vertical extrapolation (shear) uncertainty and enabling a better understanding of wind veer. - Remote Sensing Revolution

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