Blood plasma intermediate ultrafiltration

Accurate and real-time measurement of protein concentration 



Discover the application of the Vaisala Polaris™ Refractometer. Learn how to provide accurate in-line measurements of protein concentration in the creation of plasma-derived medical products for both humans and animals.  Please see also our webinar on this topic

Blood plasma manufacturing

The Polaris Refractometer is an accurate, in-line, and real-time measurement instrument, that enables:


  • Control of retentate concentration for optimal permeability 
  • Accurate and real-time measurements of protein concentration 
  • Optimal end-product concentration and quality
  • Improved process throughput time by bypassing the sample-based Kjeldahl or Dumas methods

This application note explains how a refractometer can improve process with recommended installation points for best performance. 

Download the application note (PDF) by filling the form.

Pharma blood plasma application note



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Application Note PDF


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